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Audition Reel

Video Credit: Dave Holton

Song: Is it Really Me? (00:03) Song: Fine Fine Line (00:20) Monologue: Portia (00:40) Monologue: Helena (01:04) Monologue: Jess (01:24)

Song: If I Were a Bell (01:45)

Movement Reel

Video Credit: Dave Holton

Commercial Reel

Video Credit: Rayolight Productions and Swell Productions
Role / Commercials (not in order of appearance):
Stunt Motorcyclist / "Call Sign Romeo Movie Trailer"
Primary Narrator / "OBXscape Rooms Sanitized Info Video"
Self / "Voter Registration Spot 1 - Fishing"
Self / "Voter Registration Spot 2 - Phone Call"
Primary Narrator / "Hatteras Realty Promo Spot"
Victim / "OBXscape Rooms Promo Spot"

Voice over Reel

202009_EmilyMohler_VoiceOverReel_v1(1).mArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04

Commercial 1: ID Expo Promo (Start - 00:03)

Commercial 2: Randolph College (Start - 00:38)

Just for fun!

OBTV News - Non Resident Property Owner (Content warning: Censored language, drug use, firearm use)

Video Credit: Rayolight Productions

(Content Warning: censored language, firearm use)

Video Credit: Hamster Island Productions
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